Josi Fogo

Profile Updated: July 10, 2010
Residing In: Hereford, TX USA
Occupation: PreK 3 year old teacher w/HISD
Children: Hannah Johnson, born 1997

Yes! Attending Reunion

My daughter and I have made Hereford our home since July 2001. I bought a house in 2007 and I love my job, so I guess we are here to stay. I am going to enjoy raising my child in Hereford. Never thought I would say that...
I will be starting my Masters in Library Science in the fall of 2008...oops...2009

School Story:

I was the shy, quiet, different one who sat back and watched all of ya'll.

My sophomore year of school Mr. Claypool asked my mother "Don't you have a daughter at school here? We need people for the One Act Play." She committed me then and there. I was moritfied. I was sure i would be the laughingstock of the school. The play was "Persephone" with Jason Duke, Don Carl Tardy, Timothy Alexander, Charee and a host of other people. I played a dead person...I had a blast. From then on I was quietly devoted to performing. I did Othello in my Junior year with Timothy Alexander, Truman Hill, Cathy Smith (wasn't it Cathy?) and Kelly Vinton. As Emilia I had a few more lines than the dead person the year before and got Honorable Mention at Competition. Then in my senior year I was cast as Aunt Abby along with Adrian Castillo, Jim Bob Parker, Kevin Lindell, Staci Bromlow, and Truman Hill (others I cannot recall right at the moment) in the play Arsenic and Old Lace. I loved performing and thought that I would make that my career, but didn't know how I could do it and still maintain my shyness...and as you can see I am not a big name in show business...I did go on to Amarillo College to do a few more plays (even had a solo in a musical!!!!!) but gave up the spotlight after a couple of years. One of these days I hope to particpate in acting again. I so enjoyed it.
I also participated in the first few years of the speech club. I recited poetry. I was not a sports person!!! (needless to say!!!!)

I am most proud of:

In 1997 I found out I was expecting. I had been told, because of various health issues that I would be one of those women who probably would never be able to concieve a child. My then boyfriend and I decided that the best thing for all of us was to get married. It ended up being the wrong decision for us all and in 2001 Hannah and I moved back to the panhandle. My mother and father insisted that I live with them until I finished the degree I had started some 10-15 years before. I agreed and we lived with my parent for 4 years while I attended WTAMU. It was there that I did what was most needed in my life...I became aware of myself. I pulled myself out of a deep depression and threw all my energy into creating the person my daughter and I could count on. I got my degree and devoted my life to the youngest our school system currently teaches. I enjoy my life, my daughter, myself and my choices. I am strong. I am most proud of me.

Before I die, I want to:

See my child decide who she is and become that person. She is my favorite person and I know that whoever she is or whatever she decides to do, she will do it with her all. She is a great kid now...she will be a great adult.

You would be most surprised that:

I secretly wish I could be a private detective. (guess it's not so secret now, huh)

Famous or interesting people I have met:

I have met Maya Angelou, Mary Steenburgen, Johnny Cash (when I was 5)

One think I would have done different when I was at HHS was:

Not felt so weird and left out. I should have been a joiner...instead of a watcher...
I learned with the birth of my daughter, who by the time she could walk at 10 months old was a joiner...and as a mother I had to be a joiner too. She barreled right into any situation talking and laughing and usually made friends. Everybody adored her. She was vivacious, funny, smart for her age and entertaining. I often had to interpret the babyspeak when she was young. She showed me the way. To this day I give her most credit for getting me out of my shell.
She is shyer as a pre-teen, but I anticipate the return of her outgoing personality in a few years.

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