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03/07/08 08:29 AM #1    

Josi Fogo

I just love seeing pictures of everyone and their families (kids and dogs alike!!!) Keep posting those pictures.

07/21/08 06:09 PM #2    

Amy Bell (Newton)

Charee- Girl! Let me just say.. it is ON! May the best girl win! I'm bringing out the "big guns"... hahaha!
Amy Newton
PS Hopefully (for your sake), I get to you before Brent does! :)

07/23/08 09:07 AM #3    

Charee Godwin (Smith)

Hey - you dared me, Sista!!! Bring it. :o) (You and your "big guns")

08/20/08 01:36 PM #4    

Kathy Banner (Barbaree)

For those of you who enjoy watching football at the high school level, please note: On September 12th, on ESPNU, there will be a game being televised between Dollarway High School in Pine Bluff, AR (where my family and I live), and Bastrop, LA, a nationally ranked team. My son, Brett Bell, will be playing as a starting linebacker for Dollarway. Pray they do well...we are very excited for him! Thanks!!
Kathy (Banner) Barbaree

Just in case you were interested but didn't get the chance to watch...We lost..horribly..LOL. However, Brett did great with 14 tackles, 2 sacks, a forced fumble, and blocked a pass on a 2-point conversion. And just for added bragging rights...the QB he sacked is Reuben Randle, ESPN's #1 pick as a WR in the nation. Go Brett!!!

09/26/08 11:11 AM #5    

Brigitte Hinkle (van Pelt)

Dear HHS Alumni,

As I sit here behind the computer on this Friday evening (it's 7 hours ahead here), I can't help but wish I could be in Hereford, Texas to join you all for our 20th reunion.

It has been great catching up with so many of you via this Web site, Facebook and What would we do without the computer? ;-) Too bad there won't be a web cam hooked up for those of us not able to attend. Perhaps an idea for the next time? But hopefully I'll be able to make it by then!

I hope you all will have a great time this weekend.


09/29/08 08:29 AM #6    

Josi Fogo

What a great time I had.

I guess we all know now why I don't do that very often!!! Although Sunday was fine...I am having trouble starting my week.

I want to thank you guys for helping me make such a great memory. I enjoyed talking to everyone and catching up on your lives.

Give me about 5 years to recover from this one and I will be ready to do it again!!!

May God Bless You All!

Josi Fogo

09/29/08 11:46 AM #7    

Colin Ford

Hey Charee, how long will this website stay up. This is a great way to keep in touch.


P.S. still trying to recover from saturday

09/30/08 06:58 AM #8    

Charee Godwin (Smith)

This website will stay up FOREVER if I have anything to do with it! Ha! Currently it's a free website - so it isn't costing us anything. And we own our domain for 5 years, I think....but we can always pay for longer.

09/30/08 11:04 AM #9    

Colin Ford

cool if you need some help let me know.

09/30/08 06:18 PM #10    

Kelly Vardeman

Glad to hear the site will keep going. Had a great time seeing everyone, and would like to keep in touch.
Colin, have saved your number to my phone and will not think that it is someone trying to get me to go with DirectTV.

09/30/08 09:48 PM #11    

Charee Godwin (Smith)

Great seeing everyone! Y'all tell me what we need to add to this site to make it worthwhile and I'll try to make it happen.

10/02/08 05:00 PM #12    

Claudia Holguin (Aguilar)

Charee, thanks again for all your great work!! This site is really a neat way to keep up with old friends. Thanks Again!!

09/23/09 10:27 AM #13    

Richard Castillo

I was hoping to get any pictures of the football game at Texas Stadium. If anyone has any please forward them to me. Thanks

05/25/12 02:05 PM #14    

Maryhelen Aguillon (Rodriguez)

i want to know if the class of 88 is going to have anymore upcoming reunions.

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